The Crone

We come into this life naked and nearly helpless, and learn moment by moment how best to make our way in the world.  Through our experiences we acquire wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  As we journey through our lives, the awareness we bring to our daily encounters gives us a broader perspective and deeper insight into our own character and those of others.

While there are certainly “old souls” on this planet with perception and discernment beyond their years, as well as those who cannot or will not learn from what they experience, it is clear that as we age most of us grow wiser, more appreciative, and more spiritually and emotionally mature.

And so, in WWGD?, The Crone RULES!!!!

The Crone is the eldest player in each game.  She can do anything she wants!  For example, she can change any rule of the game, and can set time limits to keep the game moving if necessary.  She has the final say in all Game matters. If she doesn’t feel like dealing with that, she can even appoint someone else to make decisions!  There are no boundaries for her.  She has ultimate power!

In ancient cultures, the elder woman was seen as a healer, a teacher, a leader.  We at WWGD? hope that all members of today’s society can give our elders the respect they have earned.