Check out this wonderful article on What Would Goddess Do? by Suzanne Thompson, featured in The New London Day on February 7, 2012!
Fnding your inner goddess with a new board game

And a fabulous article written by Nancy Burns-Fusaro, appearing on the FRONT PAGE of The Westerly Sun on February 26, 2012!
Outside the box:  A game inspired by the wise, with a modern twist


“The perfect way to connect with your girl posse, plumb the depths of women’s friendships and archetypes, and belly laugh till you pee.”
Mary C., Toronto, Canada

“This is a game for all time, just as the Goddess is timeless. Artemis rocks my world!”
Jana F., Stonington, CT

“I thought I was very much in touch with my inner self, but I found that by playing ‘What Would Goddess Do?’ I could truly express myself in a way that I never thought possible. Screw therapy—this is just plain touchie-feelie fun!”
John L., Gales Ferry, CT

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing us to your creation last night…it was magical beyond words!  Your game was exciting, insightful, intriguing, funny and most entertaining for me and for all who played and laughed last night…an absolute blast!”
Rosanne S., New London, CT

“’What Would Goddess Do?’ is more than a game—it’s an event! Thoughtful, silly, historical, irreverent, gorgeous, juicy, contemplative, prescient—these are all the adjectives that come to mind when I recall playing the Game! Whether playing with old friends or perfect strangers, you walk away knowing more about yourself and those around you for having had the experience.”
PJ C., Boonton, NJ

“Playing ‘What Would Goddess Do?’ is an all around great way to spend an evening, learn more about your friends, examine and share a little of yourself, and learn a bit about Greek Mythology. Most of us women – no matter our circumstance – do not take enough time to do ANY of that.”
Amanda G.-L.,  Waterford, CT

The game gets better with each playing.  I’ve transformed tired habitual stories in the light of the Goddesses! 
Karen E., Mystic, CT

“I recommend this game to psychotherapists who want to create a safe and supportive environment for their women’s group members to open up with one another. I also recommend it for women in retreats or weekend get-togethers, for clubs or friends who want to create a deeper level of intimacy and self-knowledge while having a whole lot of fun. The guys will be jealous if they can’t play too!”
Elaine B. B., MS ,Norwich, CT

“I, proud and discerning Crone,
hold no bone
of contention
that this game
of Goddess fame
is a gem; oh, and did I mention
it is smart and fun
and it gave me more than one
lovely evening of mirth and cerebral ascension??
I highly recommend it!!
If you’ve got the money to buy, spend it!!”
SJ W., Austin, TX

“Sitting down to play WWGD? sets you off on an evening of laughter, introspection and challenging thought all wrapped up in an atmosphere of artistic creativity and hilarity. Celebrate the ancient goddesses and get to know the goddess within you!”
Suzanne T., West Sussex, England

“Best game ever to connect with your ‘girl friends.’  I love this game and having such wonderful ladies come over to my home to play.  Your friends will thank you for buying them this game as a gift.”
Lorraine S., Gales Ferry, CT

“’What Would Goddess Do?’ is more like a soul-searching experience than a game! Through playing it, I learned I was a maternal, knowledge-loving sex goddess all-in-one! It is informative, not to mention fun!”
Courtney L., Stonington, CT

… and here is a special longer testimonial from our scholarly friend:

“After having the opportunity to play ‘What Would Goddess Do?’ more than once, I feel that it has good potential in the professional and recreational market.

“For the professional market, WWGD? provides a number of features that would be useful for educators, counselors and therapists interested in developing communications skills, to increase the breadth and depth of disclosure and strengthen interpersonal bonds. First, WWGD? encourages revelation of a wide variety of personal topics. For people who have difficulty knowing how to initiate intimate disclosure, the game provides a relatively non-threatening starting point to explore issues of family history and social relationships. The inherent humor in the challenges set before the players takes some of the sense of risk out of disclosure while encouraging genuine sharing. In addition the game has open ended features in the rule structures, allowing players to make the game their own.

“For the recreational market, ‘What Would Goddess Do?’ is funny and engaging. I had the personal experience of feeling much closer to the people with whom I played during and after the game, even though I had never met some of them before. The game itself is beautiful and inviting. If the marketed game is like the prototype, it may end up being purchased as art as often as it is purchased for recreation. The rules are simple enough to be grasped easily by casual gamers. Completing the game may require more of a time investment than many casual gamers are willing to invest. However, this is less of a drawback with WWGD? than many other games because it strongly de-emphasizes completion for the sake of enjoying the process.

“In short, I believe there are underserved niche markets where WWGD? could be very successful.”

Dr. Geoff Leatham, Associate Professor
Dept. of Communication Studies
University of Rhode Island