by admin on August 22, 2011

What Would Goddess Do?   A jubilant game for juicy people!

What Would Goddess Do? is on sale!

What Would Goddess Do? is a new board game about empathy, humor, empowerment, connection, creative choices and sharing life experiences!  The game was created for vibrant women and open-minded men.  WWGD? is vibrantly colorful, deeply profound, whimsically silly, and sometimes a bit naughty! 

You never thought you could laugh so much while applying the ancient wisdom of the Goddesses to your own life!

What Would Goddess Do? is based on the concept of how Greek Goddesses with wildly different personalities would react to everyday life situations.  Hera, the embodiment of dignity.  Aphrodite, the sexy artist.  Artemis, the tomboy.  Demeter, the soccer mom.  Athena, the intellectual business chick.  Persephone, the witchy one. 

The personalities and strengths of the Goddesses are unique, so when faced with the same dilemma, each Goddess would respond differently.  For example, let’s say Aphrodite and Artemis are out together at a dance club and a drunk guy hits on them.  Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and sex, just might go home with him if he’s cute and charming enough.  Artemis, the Moon Goddess, is fiercely independent and very private, and would be more likely to turn him into a pig.

The Crone, or the eldest player, is in charge of the game.  She can change the rules, appoint assistants, or do anything else she wants to do.  She has the final say in all discussions.  More about the Crone here!

To play WWGD?, move your piece through the realms of the Goddesses.  When you are in the realm of a Goddess and pick a “What Would Goddess Do?” card, answer as if you are the Goddess of that realm.  When you reach the center of a realm, get a Nugget by showing how the wisdom of that Goddess relates to you personally.

Every time you earn a Nugget, you can try the Courtyard Challenge.  Each of the other players answers one of the WWGD? questions as themselves, and you guess who said what.  It’s not as easy as it sounds – their answers don’t have to be true!

When you succeed in the Courtyard Challenge, enter the Temple of the Enlightenment.  To win, write a new card for the game!

You can share your card ideas with us by clicking here.
Your card might be part of the next expansion pack!

When you play this game, you realize it isn’t about winning or losing – it’s all about the journey.  As you progress through the Goddess realms, you get to see things from different perspectives and share your own feelings and experiences with the other players.  You and your “playmates” might be dancing around the table one minute, talking about your childhood hero the next, and a moment later discussing your all-time favorite smell.  And did we mention that some of the cards are quite risqué?  There’s a warning on the box for a reason!


warning label

We hope you and your friends enjoy playing What Would Goddess Do?!!!!!!

Let us know how we’re doing at info@whatwouldgoddessdogame.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!

May the Goddesses be with you always!